YouTube demonetization

YouSuck got screwed by advertisers, so they screwed creators
THE INTERNET — It hasn’t been a great month for YouTube, but it’s even been a worse month for YouTube creators.

YouTube is expected to lose $750 million in ad revenue after marketing groups in the UK noticed that campaigns were running along what they consider offensive content.

This caused 250 brands like Pepsi, Walmart, Starbucks, GM, AT&T and Verizon to head for the door.

So what did YouTube do? Over the weekend, they decided to screw creators like TomoNews by killing our ad revenue because of our “extremist” news stories.

Talking heads on the right, left and center are all feeling the pinch now.

YouSuck, in combination with their new restricted mode changes — which by the way have been fabulous for our channel — has effectively killed the will, and means, to create.

YouTube is trying to walk a fine line between pleasing advertisers and getting people to post content — and failing horribly on both ends.

In the meantime, we’d like to introduce TomoRainbows — not the gay ones because YouTube is demonetizing LGBTQ content en masse — and TomoUnicorns for your viewing pleasure.

Source: TomoNews US